Our vision is for Blind Sport Australia to be a leader in blind sport locally, nationally and
internationally, and we seek to be accepted as a leader in the disabled sport community. We want to
grow interest and participation in blind sports and to be the driving force in promoting increased
opportunities for people who are blind and vision impaired to access sport and recreation in
Australia and internationally.


With the continued support from the Australian Sports Commission (through its Sport Australia arm) in the form of managerial expertise, financial assistance, and introduction to various networks; Blind Sports Australia will work
with our members and key stakeholders to ensure that programs are delivered which are of the
highest standard and meet the needs of our individual participants. As a result of our commitment
to excellence and teamwork, and through the provision of the highest quality services, BSA aims to
become the lead agency for people who are blind or vision impaired in relation to sports and


Our Values articulate the guiding principles that drive and motivate us, help us achieve our
corporate goals and shape our future direction. They define the way we work and are the first point
of reference for our recruitment and performance management processes. Our Values form the
cornerstone of our organisational culture and are to be upheld throughout our organisation. They
are an extension of the BSA Values and Code of Conduct.