Blind Sports Australia offers a wide range of services that have been implemented to assist the Visually Impaired and to have a greater impact on the Community. Blind Sports Australia supports Visually Impaired Athletes by providing opportunities to access a wide range of sports at a local, national, or international level.

Furthermore, Blind Sports Australia assists with helping Visually Impaired people with getting their Classifications, so they can participate in sport and also in assisting athletes through the registration process for International competition in IBSA sanctioned events.

Blind Sports Australia has three main roles:

- To promote blind and vision-impaired sports to all members of the community as a worthwhile activity to increase social inclusion and for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

- To increase the participation in blind and vision-impaired sports by all the blind community regardless of age or severity of vision impairment.

- To advocate on behalf of its members at local, national and international level.