As we launch our new Blind Sports Australia logo and branding, we wanted to share a video highlighting the transition from our old logo to our new logo, how the new logo will be reflected in our branding and the importance of the elements of our logo being used in our messaging.

Please take a moment to watch this short video

We have also created an alternate version of this video, which we have overlaid with Audio Description, to make it more accessible for all stakeholders, please take a minute to watch with the Audio Description.

** The banner image shows the new BSA Logo, which has a white background, with the letters BSA in braille, B in Blue, S in Green and A in Gold. Each Braille dot has a trail of colour behind it, symbolising movement or a ball in motion. To the right of the Braille letters are the words Blind Sports Australia stacked on top of each other in a bold black typeface.