"Blind and Vision Impaired Tenpin Bowling began in 2001 at AMF Box Hill (now closed). From this small group, five bowlers were selected to represent Australia at the inaugural IBSA Blind Tenpin Bowling Championships in Helsinki, Finland, in 2002.

Since its inception, BVIT has worked to further the goals of blind and vision-impaired Australians in the sport of tenpin bowling.

We have conducted national competitions in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane and run a bi-yearly Phantom League where members compete in a 'virtual bowling competition' by submitting their weekly socres.

At the IBSA World Championships, we discovered the guide rail and how it is used. We developed a prototype, which has since been sanctioned by Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) for use by bowlers who are blind or have low vision. A guide rail enables a person to bowl independently without being manually lined up by a friend or family member. The guide rail (long) consists of 2 base trays, 4 uprights and 4 or more pieces for the top rail. There are short guide rails in various bowling centres in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

A volunteer/spotter will assist the bowler with information when they step off the approach lane, including: pins left, how many pins went down, where their ball went, etc.

Bowlers can chose their own level of bowling – either:

  • Social
  • Competing in a local league/bowling centre; or
  • Competing in state, nationals or international competitions.

The majority of leagues use a handicap system, which enables a level playing field for all bowlers, regardless of their vision loss or ability.

Tenpin Bowling is suitable for all ages and abilities. The activity develops wellness within each individual person, regardless of their cultural background or disability."

PRESIDENT – Glen Barwick

TREASURER – Gail Underwood

SECRETARY – Marilyn Luck

COMMITTEE MEMBER – Eileen Scott – [email protected]@asn.au



Website: www.bvit.asn.au

ABN: 92 744 130 013