Blind Sports Australia is proud to welcome our new partnership with equipment sponsor Zena Sports

Blind Sports Australia and Zena Sports are today pleased to announce a sponsorship that sees Zena's innovative female impact protection vest being worn by our ambassadors, the Aussie Belles in their upcoming goalball campaign for the Tokyo Paralympics. 

Developed by Brad and Donna Johnson of Zena Sports in Australia specifically for contact sport, the lightweight impact vest protects females against breast, rib and ground impact; helps maintain agility and performance, and aids faster post-game recovery. Already popular with Women’s Australian Football League players - the Zena Z1 vest finds a new sport in Goalball - a high impact team sport specifically designed for blind and vision-impaired players. 

Thanking Zena for their support of blind sports, BSA CEO Matt Clayton commented, "As a national sporting organisation for blind and vision-impaired sport we are delighted to help introduce the Zena vest to goalball plus a range of other blind sports such as football, AFL and judo. We believe the high level of protection the Zena vest offers our female athletes, will boost the confidence of vision-impaired players, encouraging greater participation in blind sports."

If you are interested in getting more information about the vests or ordering one, we are just finalising steps to provide a discount for Blind and Vision Impaired participants, so please contact us via [email protected] to let us know you are interested.

[The video shows the announcement of this sponsorship features talking to camera with CEO of Blind Sports Australia, Matt Clayton, with Brad Johnson from Zena Sport, and with Peter Corr who is the head coach of the Aussie Belles. Overlaid across some of the talking are images of the Aussie Belles playing Goalball and static images of participants in Judo, AFL Blind and Blind Football (soccer)]