Blind Sports Australia reveals new brand identity that embodies inclusivity and accessibility 

As we celebrate the International Day of People with Disability, Blind Sports Australia (BSA) is excited to launch its new brand identity that beautifully reflects the people we represent, and our mission to create access to sport for the vision impaired community. 

“By using a combination of braille, the English alphabet, and a flexible and contrasting colour palette, we have developed an inclusive brand identity that is accessible by people of all abilities,” says Sam Theodore, Chair of BSA. 

CEO of Vision Australia, Ron Hooton welcomes the new look, “BSA has successfully created a brand design that is not only accessible for people who are blind or have low vision, but truly reflects the inclusive nature of its business and the people it represents”. 

BSA is fortunate to work with one of Australia’s top inclusive design and communications agencies to create a ​new, modern and meaningful brand. Sunny Drury, Managing Director of Inclusive Creatives ​reflects, “We’ve designed a dynamic logo in collaboration with BSA that captures the elements of sport and the community it represents by using the braille system as both language and iconography.”   

** Image shows new BSA Logo, which has a white background, with the letters BSA in braille, B in Blue, S in Green and A in Gold. Each Braille dot has a trail of colour behind it, symbolising movement or a ball in motion. To the right of the Braille letters are the words Blind Sports Australia stacked on top of each other in a bold black typeface.