A finance professional (CPA) with significant experience in both operations and corporate finance functions of listed multinational companies. Extensive experience has been gained across a wide variety of sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing in Australia and overseas.


"I have more than 20 years of finance and customer service experience in both commercial and government sectors and during these time, have achieved the following:

  • In 2011, I was awarded “Deliver The Promise” winner by Orica Pty Ltd, for my leadership and remediation activities during secondment, resolved a legal case charged by Taxation Office.
  • In 1999, I was awarded “I Care” certificate by Woolworths Ltd, for excellent customer service.
  • In 1993, I was awarded “Good Service Medal” by Singapore Armed Forces, for very good performance and good conduct. 


I am fluent in languages other than English including Chinese, Cantonese and Hokkien. 

Besides my formal qualifications, I have good planning and time management skills, a genuine passion and heart to care for others. I have a pleasant disposition, easy to get along with and able to interact with all people from different cultural backgrounds.


I have been volunteering with Vision Australia since 2005, tasks taken including Chinese magazine audio recording; Christmas gift wrapping in Myer; Quality Living sessions assistant; AGM/Open Day & other day activities in Kooyong.

My other involvement with community is as members of ANIKT Incorporate, a NFP group that promote moral and ethical principles based on Confucian teachings and social cohesion, through promotion of the core teachings of main religions.


I am now volunteering with BSA in the role of Fin/Admin. It was so much appreciated to be able to join BSA as the management has give me the great opportunity not only to provide my service, but also learn and growth in the acquiring the knowledge in blind sporting area."