We want to grow interest and participation in blind sports and to be the driving force in promoting increased
opportunities for people who are blind and vision impaired to access sport and recreation in Australia and Internationally.

Our impact


There are more than 20 sports in Australia that people who are Blind or Vision Impaired can participate in currently, with that number continuing to grow!


In 2016 it was estimated there were over 384,000 people who were blind or vision impaired, living in Australia! Growing to 564,000 by 2030.


Blind Sports Australia was founded in 1980 and has been supporting Blind and Vision Impaired Sport for 40 years!

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Latest news

  • Sports Grant Funding for ABBA

    The Australian Blind Bowls Association is the peak body for Blind and Vision Impaired Bowlers across Australia. The Association has been awarded a Grant from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions to reduce the short-term impact of the pandemic on the association and make up for some of the losses it has incurred. Read more

  • Opening up the Australian landscape for Blind or Vision Impaired people to engage in sport

    Blind Sports Australia is pleased to announce that they have received funding through the Department of Health’s “Driving Inclusion through Sport” initiative, to roll out a multifaceted program to provide more opportunities for people who are blind or vision impaired to get active and involved in sport. Read more

  • Athlete Wellbeing Video Partnership

    Blind Sports Australia is proud to have partnered with Jess Jasch from J-Leigh.com.au to produce a series of Athlete Wellbeing Videos, specifically tailored towards athletes who are Blind or have a Vision Impairment. This series of 8 videos will focus on areas such as active recovery, core activation, strengthening and stretching sessions and relaxation techniques. Read more

Latest events

  • 2020 Goalball Program - Brisbane

    Would you like to try Goalball? Goalball is a sport that was developed specifically for people who are blind or vision impaired, however the nature of the sport makes it ideal for fully sighted people to also play. Read more

  • Swish is Back in WA

    Swish (Blind Table Tennis) is on again after a short break. Swish is played every second Saturday of each month. 8 August 12 September 10 October 14 November Read more

  • September Vision Camp - Primary School Students

    Blind Sports NSW has launched a new Vision Camp to take place from 31st August - 4th September 2020, with the support of the NSW Department of Education. Read more